Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Adam Lambert Glossary

  • Adam Bombs: Name of a large group of Adam Lambert fans. Their forum is called "The Adam Lambert Connection" (TALC).

  • Adamgasm: According to the Urban Dictionary, it is the peak of one's sexual excitation caused by anything that involves Adam Lambert and his ultra sexiness.

  • Adison: Pairing of Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert. Often used in reference to the sibling-like bonding between the two AI8 contestants.

  • The Big Black Man Show: Glam revue created by Allan Louis (aka Alanna) at the Burning Man Festival, in which Adam performed in 2006 and 2007.

  • Bradam: Pairing of Brad Bell (aka Cheeks, Adam's ex-boyfriend) and Adam Lambert. Often used in reference to intimate photos of the couple circulating on the Internet.

  • Dradam: Pairing of Drake LaBry and Adam Lambert (they are currently dating). Also called "Lambry".

  • Burning Man: Eclectic underground arts festival held annually in Nevada's Black Rock Desert from the last Monday in August to the first Monday in September. The name refers to the ritual of burning a large wooden effigy.

  • The Citizen Vein: Rock band created by guitarist Monte Pittman. Adam was their lead singer for a brief period of time in 2006-2007.

  • Cougars: Group of mature Adam Lambert female fans.

  • CVE: Classic Vocal Ensemble at Mt. Carmel High School.

  • Digital Glitter: Techno-pop collaboration with Fonzerelli for which Adam recorded a few dance tracks.

  • Eye of Horus: Ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power. Adam has a tattoo of it inside his left wrist.

  • Glambert: Nickname given to Adam during American Idol Season 8, it also refers to any Adam Lambert fan.

  • Glambulge: Most talked-about part of Adam's anatomy. The Glambulge can be seen from space. [Photo]

  • Globerts: International group of Adam Lambert fans.

  • HH: "His Hotness", often used in reference to Adam.

  • Kradam: Pairing of Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, often used in reference to the bromance between the top two AI8 contestants.

  • Lambrits: Fan group of Adam Lambert based in United Kingdom. Anyone of any nationality can be a Lambrit as long as they love Adam.

  • Lambry: Pairing of Drake LaBry and Adam Lambert (they are currently dating). Also called "Dradam".

  • Little Adam: See Glambulge.

  • MET2: Metropolitan Educational Theatre, a non-profit educational organization based in California.

  • Skin.Graft: L.A.-based leather clothing design house. They designed several of Adam's jackets, including the blue tailed jacket he wears on the American Idol Live tour.

  • TALC: The Adam Lambert Connection, the Adam Bombs web site.

  • Upright Cabaret: L.A.-based cabaret show produced by Chris Isaacson and Shane Scheel, featuring diverse singers including many Broadway cast members.

  • The Zodiac Show: Glam revue co-created by Carmit Bakar, Scarlett and Lee Cherry.

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